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Casamania OPUS Bookcase


Key Features

  • Flexible and light bookshelf
  • Display cabinet in recyclable expanded polypropylene
  • Opus Incertum can be a multi-functional dividing wall if put one close or upon the other.
  • 100% recyclable materials.
  • Size (cms): L 100 cm x W 35 cm x H 100cm

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The Opera Incerta (Opus Incertum) is an ancient Roman building technique that involves the way in which the face of a wall is made of concrete work. Sean Yoo was inspired by history to design a versatile and lightweight Opus Incertum, made of expanded polypropylene, which performs the functions of the display unit, bookcase, storage unit, partition wall, and much more.


Dimensions 1000 × 350 × 1000 cm





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